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Excellence in winemaking is between two seas: the Ionian and the Adriatic.

Cantina Petrelli is a family-run agricultural business, and it is the family that gives the company its strength and lifeblood. Decades of passion and three generations have made our winery a place of excellence in the heart of Salento. A generous and rich land that gives unconditionally and rewards only those who love and care for it with passion.

The birth of the winery is owed to the passion for the land and good wine of Paolo Petrelli, a vintner and winemaker. After initially focusing on the land and vineyards, the winery became a symbolic place of a business masterfully carried forward by his son Giovanni, who took over the entire company in 2000. Today, Giovanni is joined by his daughter Chiara, a young oenologist who, without forgetting traditions, brings new ideas and a touch of modernity to the company. Thus begins the third generation of Petrelli winemakers.

The Petrelli Winery is an agricultural estate located a few steps from Carmiano, in the province of Lecce, dedicated exclusively to the production of wine grapes. Around the mid-1970s, the company, initially dedicated to tobacco cultivation, began producing grapes and, within a few years, the entire surface of the land became a beautiful expanse of vines.

The story of Cantina Petrelli is one of passion, dedication, hard work in the fields, continuous study and updating, and unconditional love for their vineyards, cared for like children, capable of offering only the best that the land and skilled hands can transform into excellent wines, satisfying the tastes of increasingly demanding customers.

The winery’s headquarters have ancient and noble origins. The country house and summer residence, Tenuta Fondo della Chiusa, built in 1850 and then purchased in 1920 by the Petrelli family, has become the symbol of the company, although it is actually a private residence. The stable of the ancient estate is now used as a tasting room, where tourists from all over the world delight their palates with the various labels of the winery. The entire structure is the tangible sign of the hard work and deep passion for the land of Giovanni Petrelli, who has been able to transform his father's business into what is today known to all as Cantina Petrelli.

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